Evergreen Invitationa proceeds support world-class women's health programs at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago.

Responding to Women's Needs with Comprehensive Health Care at All Stages of Life

Founded by MK Pritzker, the Evergreen Invitational® is a premier event that brings the excitement and pageantry of equestrian Grand Prix show jumping to the greater Chicagoland area. Proceeds from the event support world-class women's health programs at Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

Funding from the Evergreen Invitational has enabled Northwestern Memorial healthcare professionals to continue their notable efforts in pioneering new approaches to women's health issues.

Programs selected to receive grants beginning in October 2011 through September 2012 reflect the objectives of the Evergreen Invitational to support patient-centered programs that encompass one or more of the following guiding principles:

  • Benefit low-income infants, girls and women of all ages in the Chicago area
  • Support programs that are historically underfunded
  • Fund programs to further systemic change
  • Offer rehabilitation or ongoing healthcare services to women after giving birth or after a gynecologic procedure
  • Enable caregivers, energize researchers and empower patients to create and maintain a healthy society
  • Create or improve programs that are self-sustaining after initial funding


Grant Initiatives Supported by the Evergreen Invitational:

  • The Risk Factors for the Development of Chemotherapy-induced Neuropathy project will investigate the factors that predispose women to painful dose-limiting neuropathy during the treatment of breast cancer.

  • Partnership to Improve Breastfeeding Rates (Year 4) enables the Prentice Ambulatory Care clinic to employ a breastfeeding peer counselor to provide breastfeeding support and culturally appropriate education. The counselor has started a monthly breastfeeding class and routinely meets with prenatal patients to discuss newborn feeding choices and emphasize the benefits of breastfeeding.

  • Creating a Life – Health Education for Pregnant Women (Year 3) builds on the successful model created through the Partnership to Improve Breastfeeding Rates program by adding monthly prenatal classes for women in the Prentice Ambulatory Care clinic. Classes include Preparation for Childbirth, Parenting/New Baby Skills and Infant CPR/Baby Safety.

  • The Healthy Minds/Healthy Moms Program (Year 2) bridges the gap in mental healthcare services for pregnant and postpartum women living with HIV/AIDS. Mental health support complements the comprehensive medical, reproductive health and social services already offered to these patients. Funding from the Evergreen Invitational enables the program to incorporate mental health services.

  • For Optimal Recovery: Care After Severe Tears (The FORCAST Study) is a prospective cohort study of women who sustain a severe (third or fourth degree) obstetrical laceration during delivery of a full-term infant.  The study aims to identify risk factors for short-term complications (such as wound infection, acute pain and wound breakdown) and long-term complications (including chronic pain, urinary and bowel dysfunction, and depression) as well as to determine if immediate, consistent, and intensive postpartum follow-up by a specialist improves long-term outcomes for women with severe obstetrical lacerations.

  • Healthy Women Pre-Diabetes Program (Year 3) is a partnership between Northwestern Memorial and Erie Family Health Center. The program employs an innovative community health educator model to teach low-income, pre-diabetic Hispanic women how to live healthier lives. The program integrates evidence-based multimedia educational tools developed by Northwestern Memorial to help prevent or delay the onset of Type II diabetes.

  • Innovative Educational Approaches to Help Women Navigate the Menopause Management Maze is a multi-faceted educational program to provide women with reliable and updated information on menopause management. This pathway to knowledge will begin with a half-day symposium featuring Northwestern and national experts and continue beyond that meeting with a series of enduring educational tools and a unique self-assessment guide that currently does not exist. The program will also increase awareness among Northwestern clinicians about evidenced-based practice guidelines related to menopause and encourage them to incorporate updated guidelines into their practices and improve the overall health of their patients.


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