The Evergreen Invitational® is a premier event that brings the beauty, pageantry and amazing athleticism of equestrian Grand Prix show jumping to the greater Chicagoland area. The equestrian Grand Prix (meaning greatest or richest of prizes) has long been a fan favorite in Europe and is now gaining wide popularity here in the U.S. Regarded as one of the most exciting events of the Olympic Games, Grand Prix show jumping events are now seen from coast to coast! Proceeds from the Evergreen Invitational® benefit women's health programs at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago.

Congratulations to Carolyn Kelly
on her first grand prix win!

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Results of the $75,000 2007 Evergreen Invitational Grand Prix
Rider Horse Time
Carolyn Kelly Rulanda 41.721
Lauren Hough Strandgarden's Mercedes Z 42.795
Kent Farrington Up Chiqui 43.197
Kent Farrington Nerina 40.325
Chris Kappler Maserati 45.287
Margie Engle Hidden Creek's Calippo 44.070
Marilyn Little Unika 47.113
Maggie Jayne J.F. 86.884
Charlie Jayne Boxster 87.216
Judy Garofalo Torres Oliver III 90.467
Emily Williams Satellite II 91.623
Wilhelm Genn Chantal 92.137

Results of the $25,000 2007 Junior Amateur/Owner Classic
Rider Horse Time
Roxanne Theidel Nicolette 39.721
Andrew Wells Kartouche VD Watering 40.613
Cara Cheska Up Chiqui 35.573
Callie Bass Zorro's Precision 37.774
Rebecca Young Clean Slate 91.059
Amelia Mcardle Pilot 91.678
Catie Hope La Paz 85.230
Lauren Tisbo Springfield's Tennessee 87.297
Laura Linback Mohawk Du Clair De Lune 83.091
Joshua Vanderveen Bull Run's News Boy 85.397
Nick Novak Y B Blue 86.584
Jamie Schmidt 7-Up 89.972